St. Mary’s Primary School is committed to offering the best academic environment possible. To do this, we support each student's learning and ensure that each student can learn in an environment free from bullying, harassment, and undue distraction.

St. Mary’s Primary School is committed to caring for each student's emotional and pastoral needs. To do this, we have adopted a Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour and provide support such as Seasons for Growth and education on resilience, respect and safety.

At St Mary’s we are committed to:

  • Our faith community, fostering an environment where all teachers and students reach their potential
  • Strong leadership which empowers every teacher to lead in learning and teaching
  • Achieving a high level of student engagement
  • Developing expert teachers to ensure students achieve targeted progress
  • Building capacity of all teaching staff ensuring a culture of sharing and mutual support

Our philosophy is enacted through our teaching and care for students.  Our philosophy guides our teaching, strategic plans and governance decisions.