Support programs and structures to assist students in their learning include:


Benchmark Assessment System – Levelled Literacy Intervention Reading Program (BAS LLI)

BAS LLI is a small-group (3 – 4 students), intervention program designed to provide regular, small-group instruction for students in the early years of schooling.   BAS LLI provides intensive support to assist students achieve grade level competency in reading, writing and comprehension, as well as a framework to track and monitor achievement.

Toe by Toe is a highly structured phonics-based reading manual, designed to help anyone who finds reading difficult. It is a research-informed method, approved by AUSPELD, which can be used with students for a range of reading weaknesses, such as decoding difficulties and dyslexia. At St. Mary’s, Toe by Toe is used as part of a personalised Literacy Intervention Program, which may also include targeted decodable readers, encoding (spelling) activities and phonemic awareness development. 


Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)

EMU is a research-based intervention program developed by Dr Ann Gervasoni of ACU in association with the Early Numeracy Research Project (1999-2002), focusing on the early years of schooling.  The EMU Program has been shown by detailed research to improve children’s learning and confidence with mathematics.

At St Mary’s, we have trained staff who implement the EMU in our school with targeted groups of children who have been identified as being at risk in their numeracy learning.

Learning Adjustments and Education support, such as, Speech Therapy, Psychology and Occupational Therapy are accessed on a needs basis through the school.


At St Mary’s, we believe in targeting student learning at the point of need. Regular opportunities are provided for all students to extend their understanding in varying areas of the curric