Advisory Committee

The role of the School Advisory Committee is to act as a representative, advisory group to assist the Principal in the growth and direction of the school.

There are four Parent Representatives on the Board who are elected for a two year term. Each year, in August, three of these members retire and nominations are called for the vacancies created.

Current School Advisory Committee members are listed below and you are invited to contact them if you have any queries, comments, concerns or suggestions that you wish to raise regarding the policies or procedures of our school.

The Board meets on five occasions throughout the course of the school year.

Chairman: Mr. Stephen Gibbons
Members: Fr. Michael Willemsen – Parish Priest
Mrs. Michelle Garbutt - Principal
Mrs. Lisa Parwata – Deputy Principal
Mrs. Laura Foy – P & F President
Mrs. Tracey Smith – School Staff Member
Mrs. Tara Watts – School Parent Rep
Ms. Rachel Habben – School Parent Rep
Mrs. Jessica Murray - School Parent Rep