Education - Curriculum

The Religious Education Program at St. Mary's endeavours to help all children to develop a knowledge of God and assist them in developing a personal relationship with God. We do this by developing an awareness of God as a loving Father, as Jesus our friend and teacher, and as the Holy Spirit who guides and strengthens us.

Through liturgical celebrations the children have an opportunity to express their faith, grow in understanding in the traditions of the Church and experience a sense of community. Whole school liturgical celebrations mark special occasions and events in the Church year. Each class takes a turn at preparing and participating in the weekly celebration of the Parish Mass in the school chapel. Healing Masses are celebrated at school with the Parish community. The Sacrament of Reconciliation or liturgies of God's forgiveness are celebrated at school for all classes at least once a year.

The school supports the Parish in the Sacramental Program which follows the Diocesan Policy of being Family Centred, School Supported and Parish based.

St. Mary's follows the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum ‘Journeying Together in Hope’. The curriculum is described in a framework covering doctrine from the Catholic Church. It covers eight strands: God; Jesus Christ; Scriptures; Church; Sacraments; Christian Prayer; Christian Life; Religion and Society.

The material and concepts presented take into account the different stages of faith development. There is a handbook available which provides material to assist parents in the religious education of their children.