& Teaching - Teaching and Learning Framework

"Building Independent Learners."

Through Inquiry Based and Contemporary Learning, St. Mary’s builds a learning community that strives for excellence and is motivated, supported and challenged to learn in each area of the AusVELS curriculum.  This is further conceptualised within our School Learning Framework.

At St. Mary's our learning framework promotes a community of Deep Thinking, Resourceful, Resilient and Engaged learners. We know that high quality Teaching and Learning comes from the following:

Deep thinking learners

• We reflect on our learning before, during and after tasks

• We articulate the purpose of each learning task and make connections to real life experiences

• We develop and encourage a shared understanding of independent learning behaviours

Resourceful learners

• We identify our personal learning preferences and make decisions to independently solve problems to empower our learning

• Through collaboration we acknowledge the understanding of others and learn together

• Questions are designed to challenge deep thinking as well as clarify and drive learning

Resilient learners

• We use a wide range of problem solving strategies, encourage persistence and an acceptance of change

• We challenge students to take risks and learn from their successes and mistakes

Engaged learners

• We strive to deliver a purposeful and engaging curriculum that enriches the teaching and learning experience

• Our learning environments nurture curiosity through an independent learning approach


While the essential standards for achievement around which the curriculum is constructed are specified, the need for flexibility is well understood. We know that success in learning is more likely if the curriculum and the way it is taught excites and challenges our students. St. Mary’s Primary School and its teachers therefore need the capacity to tailor or personalise programs to student, parent and community expectations.

St. Mary’s Primary School adopts the Australian & Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AUSVELS) as its framework to guide and support student learning. By clearly specifying the standards appropriate at each of the six levels, the Standards provide a clear picture of the sequence of development a student should progress through at school in terms of the essential physical, personal and social, discipline-based and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

All teachers at St. Mary's are responsible for the planning and implementation of the three strands of the AUSVELS curriculum, which are:

• Physical, Personal and Social Learning

• Discipline-based Learning

• Interdisciplinary Learning

Religious Education forms a domain within the VELS Disciplinary strand. Our school adopts the Diocese of Sale’s Religious Education curriculum, “Journeying Together in Hope” for all year levels (P-6).


Curriculum planning processes will provide a strategic approach to addressing the needs of students and ensuring that St. Mary’s Primary School is able to tailor programs to meet student, parent and community expectations. Curriculum planning enables our school to monitor the coverage, continuity and development of desired knowledge, skills, understanding and values across the all levels of schooling.

Teaching and learning programs represent the implementation of school curriculum planning. They will include a clearly identified learning intention, learning experiences with purposeful content and assessment in accordance to pre-established success criteria. Programs will reflect the teacher’s knowledge of the students’ individual learning needs.

St. Mary’s Primary School adopts a whole school approach to Curriculum, Planning and Programming. These shared understandings and expectations are the foundation of our practice.